Go Green Call Center sets a new standard for customer support

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It goes without saying that customer service is one of the most important aspects of a business. Incredible customer service makes clients more loyal and also helps them spread the word, which can often be worth more than any professional marketing plan. When choosing an outsourced customer support team, there are always concerns regarding the level of service that is offered, but GoGreen Call Center takes out all of the guesswork.

GoGreen is one of the top call centers in the world. It is located in Dubai and employees only those English speakers who demonstrate advanced fluency and a complete dedication to the customer experience. It is also equipped with a team of multicultural leaders in order to provide consistent and high-quality customer support at all times.

GoGreen has become successful because it understands what is needed to properly offer attention to clients. It offers a multi-pronged approach with customer access available through its inbound call center, social media monitoring and eCommerce customer care so that it is always available where it’s needed – where the customers are.

The customer experience is equal to the business brand. The type of attention the client receives will be the basis for how that client decides to continue, or discontinue, interacting with the company. GoGreen provides all the services necessary to ensure that clients keep coming back.

It goes beyond just being a call center, though. GoGreen can provide order management, upselling, chat and technical support, loyalty programs and a managed CRM, essentially becoming the business’s entire support team.

GoGreen account managers are trained by true professionals and chosen for different customer service areas based on their proven skill sets. The goal is to ensure that the team is able to provide exceptional customer service that they can recreate every day.

There are other customer service outsourcing possibilities, but only GoGreen goes the extra mile. It offers consistent updates in order to help you adjust your business and delivers detailed reporting so that you can make the tough decisions more easily. It’s more than just being a call center; it’s about being an extension of your brand.

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